Aerosol Insecticide

Formulated to target Flying, Crawling or All Insects.

Mosquito Mat

Available in different formulations, able to repel mosquitoes up to 10 hours.

Concentrated Fogger

Kills roaches, ants, mosquitoes, etc. penetrating cracks and their nest.

Mosquito Coil

Available in conventional Mosquito Coil or innovative new Paper Coil format.

Mosquito Liquid

Formulated to repel mosquitoes for 45 Nights, 60 Nights or 75 Nights.

Liquid & Mat Vaporiser

Designed to provide consistent vaporization of formulated Liquid and Mat products.

Air Care

Adding gentle touch to your environment with LSS formulated Air Care Range. Available in various scent (Floral,  Clean, Tropical, etc.)

Lighter Gas Refiller

LSS lighter gas refiller is less odorous and fast gaining popularity.

Anti-Rust / Lubricant Spray

Displaces Moisture
Loosen Rusted Parts
Protects All Metals
Penetrates And Lubricates
Starts Wet Motors

“Solution to your Maintenance needs”


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